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"Everything that is created begins in the mind"

Where does negativity get us in life? No where. It gets us even more depressed when we should be focusing on the things that we could change. I’ve been through many bad situations in my life, and have still managed to come out on top. Life is a bit of a roller coaster right now and far from perfect. I know it will be better, because I will make it better. Until then ,why cant we just appreciate what is in front of us, be thankful that our families and children are healthy, fed and have a roof over their heads? The things you don’t like, change them, rather than dwell on why they bring you down. When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror, realize you’re probably a pretty wonderful person and attack today with a fire under your ass. It’s your life, and no one else’s, and wouldn’t you want to live the most amazing life you could ever have? 

I spent seven years with someone who controlled every aspect of my life, had me living in fear, didn’t have an ounce of respect for me and my family, BEAT THE SHIT out of me, SEVEN years and two children I gave this person of my life to be miserable. All I could do was dwell on the misery, and the negativity when that person wasn’t around continued to weigh me down. He was getting what he wanted and I was allowing it. As much of a jerk he was, subconsciously I was telling him that it was okay to treat me like that by accepting it. One morning I got out of bed, and looked in the mirror. I realized I hated what I had seen. I no longer cared about my appearance, I had given up and changed so many things of myself for someone else down to what kind of music I listened to. I never read books anymore, I didn’t craft, and worst of all I hadn’t laughed or smiled in days. What kind of mother could I be? What was I showing my children by allowing someone to have so much control over my life? What kind of future was I setting up for their lives by living that example? I was failing myself, and the people I loved most by letting my negative attitude take over. That’s certainly not a way to live life by any means! The only person who can change your life is YOU, and it’s YOUR life. I looked in the mirror, put some makeup on, did my hair and decided I would change MY life. I realized I wanted to be 90 years old one day, look back and say that was one hell of a ride. I would tell myself every day I was a great person, I would read, I would make new friends and I would go find my own happiness away from someone who didn’t deserve a second more of my time. 

My life has become so much richer since. I know I am a wonderful person, I know I CAN do anything I set my mind to. I know my kids can look up to me as a strong,independent woman. I may have ups and downs, and I certainly still have my insecurities, but overall my life is so much richer, and I appreciate the things that matter the most so much more.

It’s your life, and your negative attitude isn’t going to make your life any better. Start realizing how wonderful you are and how many people you are blessed to have in your life, and how blessed they are to be in yours. If you don’t like that you have some extra junk in the trunk, do something about it! Eat better, work out! You can’t get the body you want by sitting on the couch and eating your sorrows away. If you don’t like your love life, if it be that your partner is just not the right person for you, do something about it! Life is too short to waste another second with someone who doesn’t deserve your time. If you are unhappy about not having a partner? Maybe you should get out there some more, or maybe you need to focus on what makes you such a great person so that you can love yourself and be ready for that perfect partner. But do yourself a favor, when you meet someone, don’t just settle. You deserve someone who is just as amazing as you. If you don’t like your job, find a new one or go to school! Do something about whatever makes you unhappy in a positive and healthy manner instead of dwelling on it! My point is that life is just too short to be unhappy. I know this sounds like a pep rally at the end but you are wonderful, and deserve the world. It’s at your fingertips, you just need to have the right attitude to mold your life to what it should be. 

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